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Now then, you of noble mind, who love this profession, come at once to art and accept these precepts: enthusiasm — love —, reverence, obedience, and perseverance… quote Cennino Cennini: how many professionals come today to art, so learned?

The rampant materialism of these times meant that the artist today find himself to fight against the recurrent idea, that many seemingly deny — but which they are tacitly convinced — that everything he does is superfluous. The artist today could be considered as the ambassador of the futility essential to the human being.

You live and work in Perugia, column of Renaissance art: how hard it to break with the atmospheres of the birthplace looking for a more contemporary language?

All that transcends time is contemporary too, because it is the man himself who remained unchanged in his deep roots. Living in archaic places where people lived in close contact with the timeless, as Perugia or Tuscania, can only be beneficial, and I don’t see why there is this obsession to distance themselves from the old. All that seems contemporary in my work is just as bogus, an exoskeleton, because what I try to represent is content that has always been present in humans. Sometimes my visions are unusual and surreal, but only because they are gathered from a very specific cultural context. Similar representations can be found in the Eastern, medieval, Mesoamerican, Egyptian art, and so on.

Il Figlio (The Son)
The Mystic Egg
The Burden (Salomè)

Do you believe the return to a certain artistic style also brings with it some apocalyptic anxiety?

If apocalypse means revelation of divine truths that are hidden, then I would say so, yes.

A good artist is a solitary person, or is always surrounded by people?

A good artist is the one who makes good artworks, otherwise he can do what he prefers.

One of your works in verse:

Many of the works I make are associated with a poem that generates in me many visions, all somehow connected. But these poems have to remain strictly concealed, if I released them I would inevitably ruin my work. An artist must know how to guard his secrets.


Do you think social networks are good allies for inspiration?

Sometimes they are really useful, other times they are terribly crippling. Being overwhelmed by the indistinct flow of the images is both entrancing and very dangerous. You have to know how to avoid losing your way.

The childhood memory you’re most fond of:

I will never forget when, on arrival of the summer, I was a guest of my grandparents. In their garden, at night, there was a very special atmosphere that has remained so rooted in my deep inside that it reappears almost every night in my dreams.

The Isle
The Whisper

It is a world in search of lost innocence, or of sin end in itself?

The world that I represent is simply revealed, it’s not looking for anything. It’s me, as a human being, who looks for something inside, a mirror in which looking myself and seeing reflected my true Imago, the final stage of metamorphosis, where the innocence and sin dance indistinct.

The right soundtrack for your works:

I’m looking for it and I will always look for it. It should be a deep and clear music at the same time, with sweet and frightening notes at the same time. It will be sung by voices from blind chasms and mouths of angels in ivory heights of heaven. A melody that can only be imagined, and never heard physically, because the instant the notes would reveal to ears, all would end. The very meaning of Sicioldr would nullify.
Perhaps they are my paintings, the musical instruments playing the silent melody of the abyss.


Il Sonno (The Slumber)
La Sibilla (The Sybil)
La Nascita (The Birth)
The Rest of the Twins
Working on Terza Fonte
Dispersi (Scattered)

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