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Tutti Frutti

There’s a gal, named Sarah Illenberger. She knows just what to do with almost every fruit or vegetable, to give them a new meaning, from the Melon-choly to Pome-grenade. This project began on a food market stroll in Tuscany, Italy. And in the land of good food, the inspiration could only be cooking, since the gal is renowned for creating vivid, witty images from everyday items, that open up new perspectives on seemingly familiar subjects.

Sarah is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Berlin working at the intersection of art, graphic design, and photography. Her ability to transform ordinary materials into complex and unexpected visual experiences has been utilized to develop concepts for clients from the fields of culture and business in several countries.

In her aim to explore the fertile overlap between art and design, she’s collaborated with numerous photographers and artists, and filled exhibition spaces with self-initiated projects in Paris, Tokyo, and Berlin. She rock to the East, she rock to the West. Wop bop a loo bop a lop bom bom!

Rainy Melon
Vegetable Dress
Hairy Apple
Pina Colada

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