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Food for Thought

Since there’s no more food culture and we’ll all end up feeding on some colorfull pills, why not find a nice way to make sense of these strange shapes, instead of hoarding other useless rubbish around the planet? Obviously, this is also and above all a metaphor of an endangered world.

“People like to see painstaking work. It’s human nature.” Dan Cretu said Molempire. “I’m very happy to see people’s reactions ‘Wow! How did he do that? Is it photoshoped? Is it 3D? Is it Superman?’ Also I have to admit that the fact that before my work becomes alive in a photo — as paradoxical as that may seem —, it’s a real live object created by my hand which ads to my joy”.

Salami Cassette
The Kiss – from The Kiss
Vegan Scream – feat. The Scream
Salmon Cat (You Are What You Eat)
Onion Glasses – feat. Sabreena Diamond

Bizarre and playful, Dan Cretu’s images reflect the joy that is put into making such a piece. In terms of his work, he considers that he has a privilege of working with the raw material that nature has to offer. Food photography requires a quick handling as the “subject” looses its color and freshness really fast. Not to mention the fact that working in this way changes one’s perception of food, one way or the other. Dan confesses that now he cannot look at fruit and veggies the same way as he did before: “Now, every time I go to the market I spend minutes in front of the fruits and vegetables tables, trying to imagine my next work”.

Another speciality of Dan is to play with the great masters of art and their masterpieces, by bringing them into a more contemporary context. Often, the attempt is to highlight some dramatic themes of this time such as extinction, exploitation and pollution of our wonderful blue globe.

Modern Globe
Mind the Nevermind – from Nevermind
Walking on Plastic – from Waste of Modern Civilization by Roman Mikhailiuk, feat. Walking on Water by Robert T. Barrett
Humans: The only species that bullies all species (ourselves included) – feat. Joker
Humans: The only species that bullies all species (ourselves included) – feat. Joker
War Kills
Hurry-up! Holidays are coming! – from Myanmar, Burma, 1994 by Steve McCurry, feat. Santa Claus
Pity – feat. Superman, Pietà (1498-1499) by Michelangelo Buonarroti
Modern Problems – feat. Venus de Milo
Pop That Zit – feat. Donald Trump
Starry Night – feat. The Starry Night (1889) by Vincent van Gogh
Solarium – feat. Sleeping Hermaphroditus (c.2nd century AD)
Jump – from Transfiguration by Raphael (1516–20)
Modern Hopscotch
Wear a Mask
Summer 2020 – from The Birth of Venus
Summer Mood – from Baywatch, Season 3, 1992 (Nicole Eggert, David Hasselhoff, Alexandra Paul, David Charvet, Pamela Anderson), feat. Girl with a Pearl Earring, Self-Portrait (1887) by Vincent van Gogh, Mona Lisa, Boy with a Basket of Fruit (c.1593) by Caravaggio, The Birth of Venus
Jesus at the ATM – from Jesus at the Door (Jesus Knocking at the Door) by Del Parson
Modern Narcissus – from Echo and Narcissus (1903) by John William Waterhouse
Do Not Hold Doors – feat. Venus de Milo
The Birth of Venus of Willendorf – from The Birth of Venus, feat. Venus of Willendorf
Friends – from Friends: The Reunion photo session, feat. Girl with a Pearl Earring, Portrait of a Young Man with a Book (c.1530s) by Agnolo Bronzino, The Birth of Venus, Self-Portrait (1887) by Vincent van Gogh, Mona Lisa, Boy with a Basket of Fruit (c.1593) by Caravaggio

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