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Cosmic Floral One

Cosmic Love (3)

It’s not a well-defined environment, the one created by Aykut Aydoğdu. This is only identifiable by a clear interest in pop culture, showed through some tribute to television series like Breaking Bad, or cult movies like Fight Club, Rocky and Léon: The Professional. They are traces of our digital era, or surreal visions depicted with a tablet in Adobe Photoshop. Delicate and feminine. All part of a cosmic floral one.

Aykut is a freelance illustrator from Istanbul, Turkey.

Set (2)
Portraits (3)
Portraits (Mathilda – from Léon: The Professional)
Cosmic Love (2)
Dreamer (1)
Snow White
Mickey Durden (Mickey Mouse as Tyler Durden from Fight Club)
Romance (1)
Set (6)
Dreamer (2)
F*ck the Queen (Snow White)
Cosmic Love (1)

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