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Mexican Madness!

Inspired by Frida Kahlo, stylist Valentina Fino and photographer Debora Pota spun a new twist for their menswear editorial titled Mexican Madness! featured in Kaltblut Magazine.

Model Giuliano Ascierto evokes the male-aspect of the Mexican Artist, whilst managing to exude his masculinity despite being adorned with a crown of flowers on his head and garbed in a male-skirt, making him look almost divinely… theistic. It all takes place inside an abandoned asylum, to highlight the loneliness and the dark side of a creative mind.

Photograph & retouch: Debora Pota
Styling: Valentina Fino
Make up: Alice Fayre
Ph assistant: Giulia Tarantini
Designer: Nathan Dawidowicz
Model: Giuliano Ascierto

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