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Finally someone found a great way to give a voice to our good old objects, victims of a technology becoming more and more ruthless. He’s Vincent Kunert, a 24-year-old guy with a passion for drawing and making people laugh through his web comic project: Lolnein.

Lolnein is a neologism composed of the acronym “Lol” — laughing out loud — and the German interjection “nein” — which translates as “no” — negating a question that the user finds to be totally absurd or ridiculous. Vincent also likes to try new things and create funny content in different ways. So Lolnein is not just regular comics, but also “Behind the GIF” comics, “Real Life Doodles” and animations.

Book vs E-reader
Forgotten Birthday
Pull the Plug
Toothbrush Love
What Does He Have
The Ugly Caterpillar
Wonderful Sunshine
Paper Towel
Shampoolympics (Bonus)
Missing Mug
Train Etiquette
Rainbow Road
Train Etiquette (Bonus)
Merry Christmas

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