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Behind the Curtain

Since I don’t know how to write,
I prefer to make a drawing

With his good share of sweet dark sense of humor, Dran sets his eye on the contemporary society, by taking the curtain up and revealing its mechanisms. These recurring themes are often depicted through children equipped with crayons who also question the suppression and imprisonment of such creativity, with their imaginative mind. Dran also criticizes social issues including the modern era’s rise in failed marriages, the inability of couples to connect to one another despite sharing an intimate bed, environmental destruction paving the way for more condos, overconsumption and waste.

Known as “the French Banksy”, and a member of Da Mental Vaporz group, Dran’s approach to street art is similar to the English graffiti artist in tone and message, while we can admire a really impressive work from the illustrative point of view.

Behind the Curtain
Monkey vs Kid
Watching TV
The Scream
Angel vs Demon
The Door
Mr. Clean
Real Art
In Room
Little Soldiers
3-D History
Souvenir Photo
Fragile II
Flying Hands
Housing Art

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