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Different Angles

Dos Miradas (Vladimir Putin)

Everyday reportings, especially those to do with politics, can seriously wear readers — or viewers — down. Furthermore, it is not really that simple to distinguish true news from fake ones. Those who report fake news today are often themselves authors of fake news. War correspondents wear helmets and bulletproof vests among people walking quietly with their shopping bags. Everything is constantly enveloped in a media veneer of panic and despair, which influences moods, choices, often forcing events, making them happen.

We just have to try looking at facts and events from different angles. From a different point of view — otro punto de vista. This is precisely what the TBWA\Buenos Aires ad agency seeks to achieve, through their campaign for Argentinean news site Dos MiradasTwo Looks. The print ads show world leaders Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, and Vladimir Putin in amusing photo angles to depict the site’s refreshing perspectives. Who knows, from a different point of view, we may finally have a lighter and clearer awareness of things.

Dos Miradas (Donald Trump)
Dos Miradas (Kim Jong-un)

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