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Old and Sexy Superheroes

Pensioner Batman

“Superheroes never die”, save for a few exceptions. But it looks like they can certainly grow old, becoming sweet old ladies and gentlemen enjoying their lives just like all of us, before getting some well-deserved rest.

From tracksuit wearing Flash to knitting Spider-man or sleeping Batman, Russian illustrator Lesya Guseva took famous Marvel, DC and Disney characters and gave them a makeover, through her Pensioners series. But she did not stop at their old age, she also found a way to put them in advertising. A really brilliant and funny work by an interesting artist.

Pensioner Thor
Pensioner Spider-Man
Pensioner Captain America and Snow White
Pensioner Joker
Pensioner Catwoman
Pensioner Iron Man
Pensioner Harley Quinn
Pensioner Deadpool
Pensioner Flash
Pensioner Wolverine
Superman in Advertising
Joker in Advertising
Thor in Advertising
Batman in Advertising

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