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Psycho Barbie

“The prettiest girls
do the ugliest things”

She was not abused as a child, she doesn’t hate men — some of them she finds rather useful —, and she will not tell you where she got all the miniatures from or sell you any. Specialising in the macabre and subversive, Mariel Clayton’s work uses a combination of banal, bland stereotypes and sinister themes of psychology and mortality to entice the viewer to look further into not only the image, but the dark corners of their own psyche.

It really is all in the tiny little details, and the more you look, the more you will see. Mariel’s work is not for everyone, “so if you’re here to save her soul, just… move along, you’d be wasting your time as she already exchanged it for a bottle of Yamazaki.”

The Cygnet
The One
Deep Brushing
The Price
Merry Christmas
Beach Boy

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