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Nothing Happened Today

Just like that old adage “write what you know”, Ed Harrington draws things that he loves. He has always been a horror fan, ever since he was a little kid. The whole Alien franchise is one of his favorites, along with A Nightmare on Elm Street and the Friday the 13th series. More modern horror that he really enjoyed was the first Ring movie, The Babadook and both Let Me In and Let the Right One In.

Most of his life, Ed had always worked on multi-panel comics. They are a lot of work — especially since writing isn’t my strong suit. Switching over to a 1-panel comic with very few or no words was a “no brainer”. He started in 1999 at a business paper called Inside Business. After about 2 years, he was offered a job at Style Weekly — they are owned by the same company. His job was basically a graphic designer — laying out pages, editing and adjusting photos, creating infographics and illustrations. It seems that joining horror to pop culture is more like a hobby to him. One of his best known series is Ikea InstructionsNothing Happened Today is the name of a webcomic that he drew about the non-adventures of two semi-cerebral drunkards, and that for his Instagram page.

Ikea Instructions (Edward)
Ikea Instructions (Samara)
A Little Help from a Friend
Star Hoover
Darth Corn
Finally Wile
Finally Tom
This Prank Is Going to Hurt
“You’ve got a friend in me”
Army Men
Morning Battle
More Eternia Problems
Toilet Battle
Playing Basketball
Selfie with Samara

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