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La Machine

At the heart of La Machine’s artistic approach, movement is interpreted as a language, a source of emotion. Through each of their living architectures, you can dream the cities of tomorrow and transforming the way you look at your own ones.

Born in 1999 from the collaboration of artists, technicians and decorators around the construction of atypical show objects, La Machine is a street theater company directed by François Delarozière. They’re now developing numerous projects both in the field of urban planning than that of the street show, as in the case of Le Gardien du Temple, in Toulouse, based on certain symbolic elements of the city’s history and appealed to the values and a common imagination peculiar to the metropolis of Occitanie — Astérion, the giant Minotaur, combines the power of the animal with the sensitivity of man.

Astérion, “Le Gardien du Temple” devant le Place du Capitole (Toulouse, France) – Photo: Jordi Bover
La Machine at work – Photo: Jordi Bover
Le Grand Éléphant de l’île de Nantes, France
La Princesse sur l’hôtel de ville de Calais, France – Photo: Emmanuel Bourgeau
La Princesse through the streets of Liverpool, UK
L’Esprit du Cheval-Dragon in Ottawa, Canada
Astérion le Minotaure géant, déambule dans le centre de Toulouse, lors du spectacle de la Machine, Le Gardien du Temple – Photo: Eric Cabanis/AFP

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