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Space Invader

Best known for his political and lifestyle cartoons, Marco De Angelis is also an illustrator for children, and his works have been published in Italy and in many other countries. The humankind represented by the author is an irreducible invader of space — both earthly and outer —, plagiarized by the media and who has entrusted the hard burden of thinking to machines.

Born in Rome, in 1955, Marco’s first publication is with a satirical comic book story on the humorous monthly directed by Romarin, PlayRoma, in 1975. From 1975 to today he has published cartoons and illustrations on about 150 Italian and foreign newspapers. Besides owning a library of a few thousands of books, as a lover of art, humorous graphics, comics, cinema, animation and history, he has collected numerous comic book collections, catalogs of humorous graphic exhibitions, thousands of soldiers of various types and brands — with rare pieces of the 19th century —, model trains and boats, and more.

Free Thought
Cosmic Numbers
Keep Off the Grass
No Smoking
Brain Prison
Prison of Love
Escape (World Emoji Day)
H20 and Life
New World
The Ball
Fake and Fishing
The Apple
Prisoner of the Apple
Patiently Awaiting
Read Carefully [Line Suppressed]
A Door for the Stars

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