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Greeting Cards

Tin Man Yoga (Birthday)

To Mark Vash, the best way to wish something seems has always been through a certain kind of greeting cards. A little strong humor that, in a world increasingly susceptible to indignation and moralism, is always better to evaluate properly.

The cards, signed as Vash Designs, are created for all sorts of occasions, including Birthday, Christmas, Any Occasion, Valentine’s Day, Chanukah, Bachelorette, etc. Mark also works with some other artists, so in case you get sick of his stuff, you can buy theirs.

Texting (Anniversary)
Amnesia Clinic Belated (Birthday)
Jesus Didn’t Save
Facebook Meal Wall Post
Goldie Locks and the Three Beers
The Pug Factory
Flying and Texting (Valentine’s Day)
Chest and Nuts (Christmas)

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