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The Gray Zone

It all started in 1947, when Mr. Roger Phillips, as a young art student, was accidentally granted permission to enter the top secret facility near Roswell, New Mexico at Groom Lake or better known as Area 51. For nearly 60 years, Mr. Phillips studied the extraterrestrial aliens being held at the base. He observed their behaviors, befriended them, learned from them and eventually understood them.

The Gray Zone is the result of that remarkable experience. It was born when Roger’s dad suggested he does cartoons based upon the “greys” that they both loved to read about. “It has been a lifelong dream to become a professional cartoonist and every strip takes me one step closer”.

Foiled Again
Pew Horizons
Chew Toy
Snow Gray
50 Grays
Hiero Typo
Pep to Klepto
Pie in the Sky
E.T. Night Light

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