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Dreaming Painting

Imagine reopening your eyes, lulled by the slight breaking of the waves, and voices muffled by a warm breeze. You just chose to walk away for a while, leaving everything behind. It’s like trying to cover your face, in the mad hope that everything will suddenly disappear.

Imagine for a moment that you can no longer belong to this world, to move like a nearsighted fool in the mad bustle of the city. Until evening, along the sidewalks illuminated by the neon lights of the windows. Groups of guys come out of the shadows, hopping and swappung alcoholic words. They’re a step away from you. You close your eyes. What remains is the magic of a dream. A painting, a blurred image made of oil.

Philip Barlow is fascinated with the common notion that everything is random when there can be no question that there is design in everything. His is a philosophy of harmony, where even in the grit and grime of a city there is immense beauty to be discovered. A beauty that lies between the imperceptible and the unknown.

Philip describes his work as a step towards abstraction. It is primarily the exploration of light and the relationship of colour, where he at first captures his images with a camera and then translates them into a painted format. He is interested in the concept of capturing “the moment”, a millisecond in time when everything lines up perfectly. His paintings seek to explore and demonstrate this, rather like a wonderfully composed climax of a symphony, a perfect marriage. His paintings also give us a glimpse in time where form, light and colour come together in all their complexity.

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