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Stay Home

It’s been a while since Snoopy dropped out of sight. I decide to take myself away from my home commuting and go down to get some fresh air. It’s a wonderful spring day. There is no one around, everybody stuck in their houses, the chirping of the songbirds comes with me. Up ahead, someone starts to spy my passage through a window, I feel those eyes following me until turning the corner. After the corner, there are others who look at me and murmur together. I finally reach my friend’s cottage, but nothing, nobody is there. Ask the little girl who looks at me from the garden of the farmhouse next door, but she knows nothing about it. She just warns me to be careful of the police, ‘cause if they catch me I’ll end up with a ticket. “Another ticket? Oh, no, little girl, see you.”

Way home, I see Mr. Mario intent on mowing the grass of the flower beds. I greet him, he tells me to go home immediately and stay there, because it is dangerous. What separates us is nothing but the railing of his wall. If it wasn’t there, he would be in danger too, just like me. Suddenly, from some black hole nearby, the national anthem starts to fill the air in solemn way. And me, “How much I miss you, Snoopy.”

Second Story SunlightEdward Hopper
Statue of Liberty at home – Dario Castillejos
C’mon Boy – Mike Luckovich
Durga washing her hands – Barry Blitt
Superman Fights Coronavirus – Rick McKee
Spring – Marco De Angelis
Commuting in Corona Times – Kera Till
Stay HomeHelga Stentzel
2020 Horoscope
Stay HomeErtan Atay
Shot by Ned – Peter Brown

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