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Where’s Wally? (Virus Edition)

Usually it’s not so easy to find him, with his classic red and white top, bobble hat and jeans, in the midst of all those busy crowds. But now times have changed, and the task has become far less difficult. He is Wally — or Waldo in the US — the original character by Martin Handford, which artists like Pedro Mezzini and Clay Bennett gave quite a lone makeover — We just have to hope that no one will shout at him to stay home or call the police to get him thrown in jail.

On the cover of the Pedro’s book, Wally can be seen wearing a face mask. Even if it isn’t actually available to buy, the puzzle in this edition is very interesting and let readers enjoy when they don’t have much time to find the boy. Clay, for his part, shows him walking at an appropriate distance from other people and apologizes to the character from a corner of the cartoon.

The two, however, don’t seem to be the only ones who made an up-to-date version of our nice friend…

Where’s Wally (Coronavirus Edition) – Pedro Mezzini
Where’s Wally (Coronavirus Edition) – Pedro Mezzini
Where’s Waldo (Social Distancing Edition) – Bennett
Where’s Wally 2020 – Blacknone

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