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Photoshop Virus

The message doesn’t change, that’s for sure. But, at this point, we wonder if there is really need to alter and mortify some signs that are still real, just to make more headlines on people’s sensitivity. Whatever the real intent was, for our part, the idea remains unhealthy and disrespectful.

The photos published on a Twitter page, and presumably left it for the world right from there, have no basis in reality, except for the one portraying medical doctor Nicola Sgarbi which turns out to have been totally distorted, even in the expression of the face. And since we shared those photos too, we felt necessary to clarify this point and share it here — together with some other verified pics — “in the hope” that at least the other three faces correspond to reality. If we dare to manipulate reality even in cases like this, what can we believe in?

The Mask post shared on Dionisopunk Facebook page
Nicola Sgarbi – From verified profile
Alessia Bonari – From verified profile
Sabina Maoddi – From verified profile
Luke Theophilus – From verified profile



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