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Digital Classic

Son of a couple of artists who used traditional supports, Jean-Michel Bihorel always loved the beauty of the matter, the gesture and more generally a certain figurative realism in art. Born in the digital generation, he fully embraces this medium with its infinite potential and which offers total freedom of expression. However, he tries to make sure that the digital side of his images is not what characterizes them in the first place.

Jean-Michel’s approach leads him to anchor his images in a form of visual realism. He thus operates a kind of link between a contemporary medium and the traditional skills from which he has been nourished. This mainly involves the treatment of materials and details to give visual plausibility to dreamlike subjects. This also involves lighting that highlights the volumes and the different properties of the material to make it almost graspable.
Although virtual, these subjects therefore always have an aesthetic that could be described as classic.



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