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Kaleido Days


Based in Dorset, England, Jason Anderson is fascinated by colour and work with a strong palette to create deep impasto effects with the paint. He started his art career working on restoration projects like York Minster, Gloucester and Wells cathedrals as part of a stained glass apprenticeship. He quickly progressed onto design work which taught him to compose and stylise subject matter around a “jigsaw” of painted glass — an approach that still drives his work today.

Jason relishes the often frantic nature of mixing and arranging the paint in thick impressionistic daubs, and submitting to a process that creates its own detail and form. This forces him to be bold and decisive. It also produces a kaleidoscope of shape and tone — reminiscent of stained-glass — which portrays the ever-present movement and energy found in nature. Each work on linen has a single focal point of bright yellow usually representing the rising or setting sun, an aperture or a closure, the start or the end of a day… Hope anyway.

Hope (Japan)
Deep Impasto (Detail)
Jason Anderson in Studio

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