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Social Distancing

Café – Cui Xiaodong

And now that I can’t even touch you anymore, what will become of our indispensable speechless moments. I left the house, the climate is increasingly tense, these folks are for real. I thought about you all the time, about the days when we used to meet on top of things, with no other thoughts, not too many worries. People flowed downstream as usual, nobody raised their heads to look at us, we could distinguish their features and imagine their lives in secret. We laughed, how much we laughed together.

And now what happened? Where did you go?
Last time you told me that sometimes it’s a bit of a dictatorship, that children don’t wear masks, they are rebellious by nature, but you have to grow up. So what about the story that we must remain children all our lives?
I never saw you again. There is nothing more to imagine. Now we are distant, like everyone else. Three feet away, at the bottom of the valley.

Metropoli – Marco Citi
Social Distancing in the Parisian brasserie Le Choupinet (France)
Urinals are pictured with some blocked off in order for people to distance themselves at motorway services on the M20, near Maidstone in Kent (England) – Reuters
Social Distancing at the Gas Station (Italy)
Highway 61 – Marshall Ramsey
Distancia Social – Eneko
Where’s Waldo (Social Distancing Edition) – Clay Bennett
Covid-19 Testing Style – Marshall Ramsey
Social Distancing Tool
The manicure continues as usual in Amsterdam
The Unknown Bus Stop – Raphaelle Macaron for Society Magazine
1 Metre
Physical DistancingGatis Sluka
Lausanne reopens its markets under certain conditions – Bénédicte
Social Distancing Kiss – from The Kiss

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