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Delirious NY *023

As a visual explorer of this chaotic, crazy, beautiful and fascinating world, architect and urbanist Rafael Gomez de Segura, aka Lizuáin, captures his vision of what Pier Paolo Pasolini considered nothing but a delirious accumulation — an out of control overlap destined to turn into a real urbanistic-ideological logic — by means of photography and graphic composition.

But Rafael doesn’t dwell only on man-made architectures. Through his escapes into the deepest nature, he also gives us those of uncontaminated beings and places, far from the city’s pulse, highlighting even more the contrast between the two opposite sides of our environment-mind.

In the Deepest *022
Mars *2018
Xix on San Lorenzo
Hive *2018
Patio *01
Gran Vía *2018
New Gran Vía
Patio *003 (Deconstructed)
Delirious NY *005
Vulcano *001
In the Deepest *027

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