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Love comes from a drone

He saw her dancing on a roof of a building next to his own house, and just needed to say “Hi” to her. So he grabbed his tape, pen, drone, and paper, and wrote down his digits and sealed them on his drone.

Jeremy Cohen is a New York freelance photographer, so being quarantined in his apartment alone is definitely different than his normal life of being out and about all the time, in a city where there’s always so much to do. Anyway, after a few moments, Tori texted him back.

The next day, Jeremy asked her out for dinner. So they got on FaceTime and ate their matching organic, microwaved single dinners together. According to him, today the story is going “so far so good”. They had their first date and are going on a second one soon.

“I don’t think I would of been capable of doing any of this without my mom, Eva Grayzel, who taught me the power of storytelling. She’s a motivational speaker, storyteller and stage 4 cancer survivor. Without her, I don’t think I would have my optimistic outlook on life to do things like this in times like this,” said Jeremy.

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