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You and Me Hanging Out

And now that people like Liam Gallagher — to the tune of “Soapersonic” and “Champagne Soapernova” —, Gloria Estefan, Radiohead or Paul Stanley share their musical gifts to help us get through self-quarantine and remind us to wash our hands, to stay healthy and home again, that there are doctors, hospital workers, sanitation people, police, people in supermarkets, delivery people, and that some of them are under horrific conditions and really trying to keep their heads above water and in a real dangerous situation and they are making this possible for us so we have to pray and don’t forget any of them, I can finally take my guitar too and share my own gift.

Except that I won’t remind anything, ’cause it seems to me this is the way things were going in the years when rock was really badass, and someone like Jim Morrison, if anything, spoke in favor of a poor little lamb, before considering doing something else with it too. Also, I haven’t had any internet connection for some time now, and I’m not so sure anyone wants to be entertained by me. Then, I have a short memory, I never hold back anything for more than two minutes — at least not of my own free will. So, nothing, there’s a crowd of old dolls and toys and puppets that’s been staring at me for about a month, kind of tell me “and you? What are you doing importantly to save the world from the pandemic?” and I, not knowing yet what to answer, just say “it’s you and me hanging out,” and begin to play, imagining to see them exhausted and enraptured in the end, as in the good old days.

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