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The Scream

The Scream – Edvard Munch (1893)

I was walking along the road with two friends, the sun was setting. Suddenly the sky turned blood red.
I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence,
there was blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city.
My friends walked on, and I stood there trembling with anxiety
and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.

Edvard Munch

The ScreamSkrik — is the popular name given to each of four versions of a composition, created as both paintings and pastels, by Norwegian Expressionist artist Edvard Munch between 1893 and 1910. The German title Edvard gave these works is Der Schrei der Natur — The Scream of Nature. The works show a figure with an agonized expression against a landscape with a tumultuous orange sky.

The Scream – Chris Gartner

Among theories advanced to account for that sky is the artist’s memory of the effects of the powerful volcanic eruption of Krakatoa, which deeply tinted sunset skies red in parts of the Western hemisphere for months during 1883 and 1884, about a decade before Edvard painted his Scream.

Arthur Lubow has described the work as “an icon of modern art, a Mona Lisa for our time.” And as such, it wasn’t spared the stream of interpretation of all kinds, especially in times marked by panic and fear.

Corona Scream – Dave Whamond
32nd Day of Quarantine: The ScreamJarek Kubicki
Edvard Munch with The Scream MaskErtan Atay
E-Scream – Farid Ghanbari
Industrial Scream – Photo: Tom Bevan
The Urban ScreamOakOak
The ScreamBernard Pras
The Scream vs Mona Lisa! – Antonio De Luca
Art at Breakfast – Maiken Brathe
Quarantine Scream – Yulia Tabolkina for Getty Museum Challenge
Furry Scream – Murat Yıldırım
The Scream polychrome Murano glass – Alessandro Barbaro
The Scream figma figure
Clip Scream – Adam Hillman
LEGO Scream – Nathan Sawaya
I Scream You Scream (a reaction to the city of Glendale passing a regulation prohibiting neon signs in early 80’s) – Cathy Cole
Scream Motel – Ben Steele
Scream at the PriceCB Hoyo
Stop ScreamingJisbar
The Scream – Iryna Ivanova
The Star Scream – Timothy Lim
The ScreamDran
Snowy Scream – feat. The Snowman
Bunnies Scream Again – MisterIngo
The Daily ScreamErtan Atay
Watching The Scream – Escha van den Bogerd
In Case of ScreamEge Islekel
The Scream (Macron vs. Gilets Jaune) – Valott
Muffled ScreamDaniel Beyer
News [How annoying when they read over your shoulder, right?] – Diego Parés
Global Fears – Tom Stiglich
The Scream – Deana Sobel Lederman
The Scream Panic – Tom Curry
The New ScreamDilakian Brothers
The Scream Soup – Tornike Laghidze
The Scream Pizza – ©London Media
Vegan ScreamDan Cretu
The Scream – Tyler Feder
The Crisis – Jesse Rubenfeld
OMG! (feat. Kevin from Home Alone) – Tony Futura
Make America Scream Again (feat. Jake Angeli and Donald Trump) – Hayati Evren
The Yawn – Dixie Leota

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