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Pigeon – Lyvia Alexandra

Naturally granivorous and easily forgettable race — at least until we find them suddenly between the feet, or on the heads, through the unmistakable whitish material for which, together with the seagulls, they’re so well known in the cities — pigeons are actually our daily life partners. They always seem to do nothing but looking for something to put in their gullet, by feeding on the ground in flocks or individually. Actually, the domesticated subspecies descending from the primary one of the rock dove, have made contributions of considerable importance to humanity, especially in times of war, as messengers.

Pigeons are definitely a source of inspiration that tears us a smile every time, even when their message is misunderstood. In 2014, the council of Clacton-on-Sea, in Essex, UK, removed a Banksy artwork after complaints of racism. The work showed five grey pigeons holding up signs stating “go back to Africa” or “migrants not welcome” towards a more colourful migratory swallow. It has been suggested that the council didn’t realise that Banksy was responsible for the work before scrubbing it off the wall. A spokesman for the artist said he would not be commenting on the council’s actions.

Perhaps they are not entirely wrong in letting theirselves go on us, sometimes. Almost as if they deliberately chose their recipients. And their longing for our daily hustle and bustle, in quarantine times, is entirely understandable.

Pigeon Stairs – Stefan Holl
Immigration Mural – Banksy
Pigeon Attack (London) – Boe and Irony
Pigeon Feeding – Sheharzad Arshad
Feed the Birds – Jane Darwell in Mary Poppins (1964)
2046 Pigeons – MXD
Greetings from Morocco
Watching – Stephanie Z. Delazeri
Social Distancing at IKEA (Poland)
Pigeon Lives Matter

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