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Me and my apartment: A troubled story

I knew eventually the apartment would’ve got the better of me. That it would’ve bent me to a total humiliation. At first, as in any story, things seemed to be going pretty well — no disagreements, all kindnesses and delicate detergents — but soon the relationship started taking every other person away from my life. And this, on the long run, has seen me sink into an unprecedented crisis. The last one to break up with me was the lady downstairs, who, as she heard that the virus was also attaching onto the railings, chose to let me drown in my dust until TV conteurorders.

She was the person I cared for most, the relationship that most kept alive the hope of order and cleanliness — indispensable, apparently, in all kinds of coexistence. So, after the umpteenth fight, my apartment and I broke up, and chaos took over everything. Later, I realized that ours wasn’t the only story gone wrong. And I must admit, I breathed a big sigh of relief.

Roommate of three years left this behind for me to deal with – Photo: u/catlady4u
I have been chanting in my mind “they’re out next month they’re out next month” (all my dishes BTW) – Photo: u/420lesbians
All you need is to play video games (Finland)
My room mates ftw! (None of these are mine. I don’t eat at home) – Photo: u/supportlocalshart
We’re doing trashy rooms? This is my father-in-laws kitchen – from imgur
The day I choose minimalism
My roommate has his own bathroom… I now know why he never has any guests over – Photo: u/CrnlButtcheeks
The mysterious neighbor (Russia)
The mysterious neighbor (Russia)
Smoking Kitchen – Andrey Korotich
London: Our roommate, annoyed by the dirt found in the sink, left us this message – Photo: Greta




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