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Spring is the Time

Little Prince

Cultivating passions, cultivating dreams. Cultivating art or relationships, this is what all the works by Natalia Dobrzhanskaya seem to enclose everytime into a single concept/object, especially one of her last ones called Spring Couple. ‘Cause you also need sun, and Spring is the time.

Ceramist, artist and sculptor, Natalia —Dobrceramics — was born in Moscow. She graduated from art and ceramic school. Since 2001, she deals with ceramic sculpture and doll making. Her works have been exhibited in the gallery “Vakhtanov” — Central House of Artists. Natalia is a member of the International Association of Authors of Dolls and Sculptures in Russia. Today, she lives and works in Prague.

First Day of Spring
Spring is the time for birds
Spring Couple
Last Days of the Year
Funny Girl

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