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There are words that lately seem to be starting to take shape in people’s minds. To hover in the air, suggested by the scents of the seasons that looked like they were forever lost in the toxic miasmas of the exhaust pipes. By the songs of the birds covered by the bustle of the cities up until yesterday. The words are “We won’t get back to Normality, because Normality was the problem”, and they already gave the title to one of our most read articles of last month. Many people are now wondering whether the crisis offers the opportunity to set the world on a more sustainable and equal path, to create a different type of “normality” — one that can help restore trust in the state and reaffirm crucial economic and social rights.

The theme inspired the work of many artists such as Steve Cutts, who has always been sensitive to a worldview that had recently escaped human perception — inexorably projected on its crazy race to profit, to the detriment of the major balances of the planet.

Plague – Steve Cutts
You have Humans – Steve Cutts
Earth Break Up – Steve Cutts

Another artist who felt to give his contribution to the cause is Pascal Ruelle, Chicago based designer currently quarantining in his home country of France, and who recently started shifting more seriously toward illustration and cartoon drawings.

I’m just trying to question certain modern human behaviors and other relevant topics that can be perceived as ridiculous, absurd or irrational like : overconsumption, the rise of artificial intelligence, the paradox of progress, the environment crisis… All of the above, of course, mixed with a good dose of humor and self criticism.”

Who is Next : If we are Planning on going to Mars, then Mars should be worried…
Social Distancing : Technologies have been distancing us for a long time already
Social Distancing : Technologies have been distancing us for a long time already
The Dude : Or the king of confinement (a visionary)
Meanwhile : Animals having a Great Time during the confinement

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