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The Kiss

The Kiss – Gustav Klimt (1907–1908)

The meeting of lips par excellence since 1908, The Kiss is an oil painting, with added silver and gold leaf by the Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt. Love, intimacy, and sexuality, or three of the common themes we can always find in Klimt’s works. The Stoclet Frieze and the Beethoven Frieze are such examples of his focus on romantic intimacy. Both works are precursors to the masterpiece and feature the recurring motif of an embracing couple.

Klimt painted The Kiss soon after his three-part Vienna Ceiling series, which created a scandal and were criticized as both “pornographic” and evidence of “perverted excess”. Philosophy, Medicine and Jurisprudence had recast the artist as an enfant terrible for his anti-authoritarian and anti-popularist views on art. He wrote, “If you can not please everyone with your deeds and your art, please a few”.

The Tree of Life, The Fulfillment (The Embrace) and The Waiting, from the Stoclet Frieze (1905-1911) – Palais Stoclet (Brussels, Belgium)
Klimt University of Vienna Ceiling Paintings (Faculty Paintings) – 1900-1907
Medicine – from the Faculty Paintings (1900-1907)
Danaë – Gustav Klimt (1907)

It is thought that Klimt and his companion Emilie Flöge modeled for the work, but there is no evidence or record to prove this. Others suggest the female was the model known as “Red Hilda”, she bears strong resemblance to the model in his Woman with Feather Boa, Goldfish and Danaë.

Apart from its indisputable beauty and importance, The Kiss is here also because of its tributes and re-makes, that are pretty numerous.

The Kiss – Dani Fonseca
O Beijo – Andrea Horn
Kiss – Wang Fei
heART (The Kiss)Ege Islekel
The WhatsApp Kiss – Kontrazen
Kiss – Yoko d’Holbachie
The Kiss – 2D Among Us
Street Kiss – Photo: Matthieu Soudet
High-KissingAlla Mingalёva
The Kiss in Damascus, Syria (digital) – Tammam Azzam
The Kiss at the Atelier des Lumières, Paris (Gustav Klimt : Une immersion dans l’art et la musique) – Photo: Charles Duprat
Watching The Kiss – Escha van den Bogerd
The Kiss Pizza – Maria Ricco and Moreno De Lauri (Santart)
The KissDan Cretu
The KissErtan Atay
Recycling Kiss – Jane Perkins
The Kiss (Klimt – Inspired Han : Leia) – Rabittooth
Klimt Eastwood (feat. Clint Eastwood) – Tim Yarzhombek
Superkiss – Daniel Irizarri Oquendo
The Kiss – Carliihde
The Kiss – Dixie Leota
The Kiss – Inna Ruda
The Cat Kiss – Anne Wischin
Cannakis – Justin Feuerring
The Kiss (Skelly Lovers) – Marie Marfia
The Kiss – Jill Kuhn
Bunny Kiss – Shae Syu
Kokeshis El Beso – Pendientera
The Kiss – Andreza Katsani
The Kiss – Tyler Feder
Gustav Klimt with The Kiss MaskErtan Atay
Social Distancing Kiss
The Kiss – Dixie Leota

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