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Riding or Art

Beauty and miseries of the human/animal soul in a digital-romantic key. The female figure as the primary source of inspiration, with all its irresistible sensuality of forms and chameleon quality. This is the vision by Robin Isely, a refined collage artist who lives on an island in the Bay of San Francisco, California, not far from where he grew up.

A long time ago, Robin had to make a choice between horses and art and he chose to ride. However, for some time, he cannot ride anymore, so he uses his Ipad to create and fill the days. And that’s all anybody can know, since he seems to be one of those willing to hide from fame or recognition.

Hart – from The Wilton Diptych
Eyes I

About this mysterious and fascinating universe, artist Mar Cantón expresses herself this way: “I don’t know what happened to your horses … Don’t know why you had to choose but I cannot imagine you galloping, because I see you as one of your collages, woman in the cold wind, emaciated heart and withered forehead, small and strong, followed by an army of savage wolves and clear eyes, wrapped in the wings of a cohort of angel-birds … of golden eagles and crazy bones … a small woman with sword force who challenges the world from a black and white vision.”

Mar worked freelance as a Graphic Designer for Communication Agencies, until a chronic and degenerative disease has kept her away from the marketplace for 10 years. Since then art became her best therapy as well as her life, past, present and future. She seems to feel very close to Robin and his destiny: “I hope that his work never ceases to fill us, that it never ceases … there are still many empty spaces in the world, and many dreams are pending. Well, it is not an easy task to use so much delicacy and care to claim what belongs to us in our own right.”

Unfortunately, because of the increasing spread of the Internet censorship’s eye, many of Robin’s works — which were mainly on Tumblr — has only become exclusive amongst those who saved them in their own computers. Who knows if one day he won’t consider proposing them in some other way.

Immaculate – from Immaculate Conception by Peter Paul Rubens (1628-1629)
Inside the Moon – from Moon by Lewis M. Rutherfurd (1865)
The Collector
Eyes II
No Reflection – from Reflection by Charles Chaplin (1850-1900)
Still Monkey – from Flowers in a Glass Vase, with a Cricket in a Niche by Rachel Ruysch (1700)
The Wolf – feat. Le Lever by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1865)
Insect – from Dovima in Balenciaga by Richard Avedon for Harper’s Bazaar (December 1950)
Masked Duchess – from Portrait of a Young Woman (Probably Mary of Burgundy)
Frida – from Joyce and a Mantilla Shawl by Howard Somerville (1912)
To the Moon
Indian Dancer Riding a Leopard – from Dionysus Riding a Leopard Mosaic (House of Masks in Delos, Greece, 475 AD)

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