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When your mind is like a sponge for stuff like art and pop icons, just like Fab Ciraolo’s, you can’t get enough, you want more and more. Born in Santiago, Chile, Fabian loves to mix the old with the modern by finding photographs of pop icons, classic cartoon characters, fairy tale favorites and horror movies — from Psycho, The Shining or The Exorcist to Frida Kahlo, Marilyn Monroe and Salvador Dalí — and copying them with a contemporary and fashionable twist. He changes their outfits and inks them up to include many references to popular culture while keeping a vintage aesthetic with a subdued color palette and conversely psychedelic backgrounds.

“I think I’ve been illustrating since I can remember. My background was always around paintings, drawings and art exhibitions. I must thank my parents for this, they always encouraged me to keep doing this and showed me that this can be my way of living. The most important advice from them was to always stay true to what I love and to what I need to be happy, other stuff comes free if you are at peace with your talent.”

We Will Meet Again – feat. Queen Elizabeth Il
Diana – feat. Lady Diana Spencer
More Human – feat. Frankenstein
Edward – feat. Edward from Edward Scissorhands by Tim Burton (1990), Trainspotting (1996) and Iggy Pop
Psycho – feat. Marion Crane from Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock and Joseph Stefano (1960)
Marilyn – feat. Marilyn Monroe
Mathilda – feat. Mathilda from Léon: The Professional by Luc Besson (1994)
DJ Ten’s Retrological 2.0 album cover
Dalí – feat. Salvador Dalí
Is There Someone Inside You? – feat. Regan Teresa MacNeil from The Exorcist by William Friedkin and William Peter Blatty (1973)
The Magnificent Pee – feat. The Rolling Stones
Portrait – feat. Lara Stone
Come and Play with Us – feat. the Grady sisters from The Shining by Stanley Kubrick (1980)
Chaplin – feat. Charlie Chaplin
Star Vincent – feat. Vincent van Gogh as Spock from Star Trek series (1966)
Frida del Rey – feat. Frida Kahlo
Women as Frida del Rey

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