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Quarantine Mummy

Quarantine Mummy: A Day with a Lot of Variety

Like many mothers around the world, Thaïs had to share her quarantine days with kids — “too many”. This inspired her a daily Quarantine series of drawings, as a diary of these strange days, called Quarantine Mummy.

Thaïs Vanderheyden is a Belgian writer and illustrator of children’s books with a passion for art and all things of beauty. She loves dots and stripes, her boys Bob and Morris, her twins Colette and Pepa, her Great Love Tom, a hot bath, fresh sheets, Peonies and buttercups, applepie and coffee, French smelly cheese with a glass of red wine, Gulliver’s travels, English gardens, Billy Holiday, Monty Python, Mark Rothko, Buenos Aires and Rome, the Moma in NY, a good laugh, a fresh morning paper, new shoes, Ovidius, her mom’s Gin Fizz and life.

Quarantine Mummy: Re-investing Holiday Budget
Quarantine Mummy: Too Many Kids
Quarantine Mummy: Having a Drink Behind the Door
Quarantine Mummy: Granny Wants to FaceTime
Quarantine Mummy: You Are a Princess
Quarantine Mummy: 2:00 AM
Quarantine Mummy: Look!
Quarantine Mummy: Some Groceries
Quarantine Mummy: Quarantine-Shopping
Quarantine Mummy: Working in the Garden
Quarantine Mummy: Teacher on FaceTime
Quarantine Mummy: Playing “Having a Drink in a Bar”
Quarantine Mummy: Like the Himalaya
Quarantine Mummy: Postman
Quarantine Mummy: Quarantine-Cleaning
Quarantine Mummy: Having a Drink Under the Cushions
Quarantine Mummy: What Are You Doing?
Quarantine Mummy: School Closed
Quarantine Mummy: Personal Development
Quarantine Mummy: The Best Day Ever

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