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Sisters of the Bride – from A Floral-Filled Mexican Desert Wedding by Noir Floral and Jonnie and Garrett, feat. Mona Lisa, Frida Kahlo and Girl with a Pearl EarringHayati Evren

The day had began with a more or less philosophical reflection on the sock hole which, in any direction you try to orient it, once you put on the sock, you find it fatally clinging to your big toe — the big toe was the neck, the sock hole, any flaw in any relationship destined to throttle you and widen without remedy. Then they had rang the door, and the lady downstairs had handed me a letter she had found in the mailbox. An invitation to a wedding.

My friend had decided to get married out of the blue. I had called her up and asked why. She had told me that it had always been her dream and she had always believed in God and in his sacraments. So I had pointed out that perhaps God would have been a little pissed off to see her perform such an act after a not quite chaste relationship and three children on her back. She had laughed and replied that no one could have stopped her now, not even a pandemic, and that her would have certainly been a different wedding. “Of course,” I had murmured to myself as soon as I had hung up. I had seen a lot of “different marriages”, especially in recent times. Everyone used to do everything possible to make “that day” the most beautiful of their lives — something which never happened. The impression was that they focused too much on just one day, rather than all the others to come.

Wedding Photos (Rome, Italy)
When cannabis vlogger “Coral Reefer” and hubby Mio exchanged vows in October, the pair made personalized wedding bongs a highlight of their big day. “To have and to toke forever and ever,” Reefer captioned an Instagram photo of her in her wedding dress and veil, lighting her bong next to Mio in an unidentified redwood forest in California. For an added touch of romance, Reefer’s bong says “Mrs.” on it and Mio’s says “Mr.” – Photo: Rachel Artime
Black & Colour Wedding – Von and Ryan Bishop
A Floral-Filled Mexican Desert Wedding (Frida Kahlo styled) – Noir Floral and Jonnie and Garrett
La Cucaracha: The Wedding Gift – Photo: Pieter Hugo

In the invitation there was a bank account to put “the gift” to, which made it all seem like kind of a financial investment in view of the most advantageous economic return possible.

Anyway, then the pandemic had rally come, and my friend had to postpone everything, just like many other betrothed who should have to wait a little longer before finally living their fairytale day. And maybe they would have more time to evaluate their wedding dresses, or use them for different occasions.

BFF (feat. Frida, Girl with a Pearl Earring and Mona Lisa) – Ertan Atay
Porsche Wedding

But someone has decided to go on anyway. They are Parris Khachi and Emily Manashi from San Francisco, California, who decided to get married in an empty church but with the photos of their guests. The guests attended the ceremony through a live broadcast shared by the couple.

“None of us wanted to put it off indefinitely, as it’s difficult to determine when things will return to normal again. In the meantime, we didn’t want to put our loved ones at risk,” said the couple.

Emily Manashi and her father walk down the aisle – Photo: Vicens Forn
Hannah Booth and new husband Christian, from Chertsey, England, were surprised at their wedding in Weybridge when they were presented with tickets to Chelsea vs Liverpool, on November 2012. With Christian, a mad Blues fan, and Hannah, a Liverpool supporter, the couple jumped at the chance to visit the Bridge. With the deal that they had to watch in their wedding gear, they arrived at the ground among hordes of fans, who wasted no time in asking to get their picture taken with the happy couple, while supporters in The Shed end of the stadium chanted about having a “honeymoon in Chelsea”. Champagne flowed and the effects kicked in a few minutes after the final whistle. Despite looking like she was alone on the Tube, Christian wasn’t far from Hannah, who started to feel sick and was snapped by passenger Scott Lavell, who works for Soccer AM. Fittingly, not even the score of the match ruined the newlyweds’ day — it finished a more than fair 1-1
They Have Come to the Wish, We Go Out to the Crayfish – feat. Vincent van Gogh and Girl with a Pearl EarringHayati Evren
When Art Meets Real Life VI – (feat. Girl with a Pearl Earring) – Mehmet Geren
Couple’s Affairs (feat. Vincent van Gogh, Girl with a Pearl Earring and Mona LisaHayati Evren
The Best Thing (feat. Girl with a Pearl Earring) – Hayati Evren

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