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Surreal Fashion

Midtown Exit (New York, 1991)

Although he never claimed to be a fashion photographer, many of Geof Kern’s fashion images are among his most notable. His narrative style is a natural for it, and you can easily separate his often surreal work from the setting in which it takes place.

Born in New York, US, in 1950, Geof has been a photographer for over 40 years, first gaining national and international recognition in the 80’s and 90’s with work for magazines such as Esquire, Spy, Beach Culture, Rolling Stone, various record labels, as well as many ad campaigns for famous brands. In 1994, he was the fourth “guest artist” to interpret the season’s collection for The Art of Fashion, a multiple page advertising insert of the Spring and Fall designer collection published in Harper’s Bazaar, preceded by illustrious names such as Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton and Annie Leibovitz.

Rose Petal Suit (2005)
Watchers I (2001)
Butterfly Chair (1995)
Model in Curios Window (England, 1995)
Dream (1992)
Woman in a Christmas Tree (1996)
A Lifetime of Cigarettes (1997)
Nick Cave on My Roof (1994)
Lunch on the Texas Plains (2001)
My Life As A Slob (2003)
Confidants (1999)
Bronze Pins (1993)
Kiss at the Ritz (1995)
Couple Arranged With Furniture (1998)
We Trust the Ones We Love (1999)
Watchers II (2001)
Model Flying from Window, England (1995)
Untitled (Model Screaming in Alley)
Casual (2002)
Second Chance, Water Series (1993)
Four Men Waiting in Canoe, Gotland (2000)
Model with School Boys, England (1995)
Masquerade Men (1992)
Untitled – Man Leapfrogging (1999)
The Discovery of Legos (2001)
Model in the Hen Yard, England (1995)
Model on Milk Lorry, England (1995)
Model in a Small Village, England (1995)
Bloomingdales Celebrates with W (1991)
Naka in the TV on the Plains of the Algarve, Portugal (1992)
Two Amounts of Melons, Portugal (1992)

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