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No to a Return to Normal

U.S. Steel’s Clairton Coke Works – Photo: Darrell Sapp/Post-Gazette

Robert De Niro, Joaquin Phoenix, Alfonso Cuaron, Cate Blanchett and over 200 actors, filmmakers, scientists and people from other professions have signed an editorial through which they caution the world leaders against going back to “normal” if they want to avoid an “ecological catastrophe”, in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Written by Juliette Binoche and astrophysicist Aurelien Barrau for French paper Le Monde, the editorial is titled No to a Return to Normal and said there is a “direct existential threat” now looming on mankind more than ever.

A boy selling tea awaits customers early morning amidst smog in New Delhi, India – Photo: Manish Swarup

“The ongoing ecological catastrophe is a meta-crisis: the massive extinction of life on Earth is no longer in doubt, and all indicators point to a direct existential threat. Unlike a pandemic, however severe, a global ecological collapse will have immeasurable consequences,” the editorial read. It called upon world leaders and citizens “to undertake a profound overhaul of our goals, values, and economies”.

The editorial further said that rampant pursuit of “consumerism” and “an obsession with productivity”, have “led us to deny the value of life itself”.

How the future will be: Get ready for another worse pandemic If we don’t protect nature – Licypriya Kangujam
Forster Tuncurry fires (Australia) – Photo: Martin Von Stoll

“Pollution, climate change, and the destruction of our remaining natural zones has brought the world to a breaking point. For these reasons, along with increasing social inequalities, we believe it is unthinkable to ‘go back to normal’.

“The radical transformation we need — at all levels — demands boldness and courage. It will not happen without a massive and determined commitment. We must act now. It is as much a matter of survival as one of dignity and coherence,” the editorial concluded.

The signatories of the letter also include Pedro Almodovar, Adam Driver, Monica Bellucci, Javier Bardem and actor-wife Penélope Cruz, Alexandre Desplat, Willem Dafoe, Jane Fonda, Ralph Fiennes, Eva Green, Jeremy Irons, Rooney Mara, Ricky Martin, Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu and Marion Cotillard, among others.

Alison Teal with her surfboard while walking through mountains of rubbish on Thilafushi in the Maldives – Photo: Caters News Agency
A recycler drags a huge bag of paper sorted for recycling past a heap of non-recyclable material at Richmond sanitary landfill site in the industrial city of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – Photo: Zinyange Auntony/AFP/Getty Images
Greenpeace Whale Installation – Photo: Vince Cinches / Greenpeace Philippines

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  1. Thank you all for the stand you are making. Love and light to everyone. I back you and agree 100%. I know that my “normal” has changed.

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  2. Which concrète measures could bé set UP with emergency?are stars ready to stop taking thé plane very often for example , as an example for economuxal schèmes?How IS it possible?what’s your opinion?


    • Dear Dominique, I think that sometimes the most important thing is to focus more on the fact of the matter than on who’s proposing it, otherwise the suspicion that the dissent towards them is only an excuse for not changing their comfortable habits becomes even more real. There are many people who support the same theme but do not have the same voice and spotlight, and they can only be grateful to the celebrities who instead of washing their hands and staying at home to enjoy their earnings, bring forward a cause that concerns every one of us.


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