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Eyes from the Mess

Abstract Eyes

Always fascinated by the mess, Emilio Villalba basically paints portraits, contemporary representations inspired by masterworks of the past. Through his pieces, he just wants to explore a kind of omnipresent pressure he thinks we all live under. One that grows out of the clash between humanity — our unique mess of emotions and urges — and society’s obsession for success.

The visuals are a nod to the modern art aesthetic. Subtle shifts, repetition, re-placement, or absence of facial features are attempts to create a feeling of dissonance and pressure in the viewer. “I want someone to be drawn in by the uncanny nature of a piece and still feel safe to explore the feelings and reactions to the pressure gives rise to.”

Emilio’s style is constantly evolving, always in search of new means of expression.

Helmet (Love)
Eyes Study (Black)
I See Darkness
Woke Up Like This
Eyes Study (White)
The Angel
Bear in the Kitchen
Old World Dying
Michelle in the Kitchen
At Home
At Home

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