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There Are So Many Ghosts at My Spot

Quarantine gave many people the opportunity to deal with their ghosts. Someone kept running away from them, someone finally managed to face them. Someone else chose to teleport them directly into his room, so that in just a couple of minutes the empty and cold space fabulously transformed into something tangible.

Photographer Karman Verdi, from Moscow, Russia, used online shooting to tell a story about people from different parts of the world who need communication and human contact, now more than ever. He took screenshots of their models and projected them onto the surfaces of his house. The result is There are so many ghosts at my spot, a project about self-isolation and the human need for everyday intimacy.

“It’s not just about deriving a projection. Communicating, interacting without embellishment, telling a full genuine story, that’s what I’m talking about,” said Karman.

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