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Flying Dream

Flying Dream

Girls and wings, kids and birds, combinations that have always inspired the creativity of artists and visionaries, when it comes to telling freedom in its purest side.

Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Elise Macdonald is inspired by what we call the “magical realism” to produce paintings and narrative elements that invite the viewer to enter in an imaginary world. Each feminine, animal — often birds — or child protagonist is painted with realism in a fantastical and very oneiric situation, referring to freedom, innocence, childhood and beauty. According to her and Da Vinci, her paintings are never finished but “abandoned”. After a serious illness in 2009, Elise’s passion for painting was re-ignited.

Me and my Shadow Angel
The Bird Keeper
Namaqualand Girl
Mother Nature
The Butterfly Collector
Girl and Geese
Camilla Chameleon
Fly SwanAir
Counting Sheep
Girl in a Gilded Cage
On the Wings of Doves

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