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In Memoriam


As part of the movement of a new generation of artists who travel between the troubled frontiers of reality and its, Sabine Pigalle invites the viewer to question its relationship to the picture. The main axes of his work question myths, heritage, the temporal notion, collective memory, and focus around the portrait treated as a representation of quirky archetypes.
The result is a transversal work which combine paintings and photographs, ancient and contemporary art, figuration and abstraction.

Born in 1963, in Rouen, France, Sabine studied Modern Literature at Sorbonne University and worked with Helmut Newton for four years focusing on fashion photography, before moving on to more personal projects. Among her series, In Memoriam, The World After, My Corona Diary, Generic Code, Protectors and Homo Phobiens.

Complexe de Diane
Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani (Lady with the Ermine), about 1488
Do It Yourself
Readymade for Party Dreamer
Sneak Beak
Vanite Oiseau
Vanite Libellule
Generic Code 1
Rogier van der Weyden, Saint George and the Dragon, Netherlandish, 1399/1400 – 1464, c. 1432/1435, oil on panel, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund
Woman Reading a Book by a Window (Gabriël Metsu)
Merry Window
Message in a Bottle
Rembrandt Metropoliten

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