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This Smells Like My Orgasm

Gwyneth Paltrow attends the Goop Lab special screening in Los Angeles, California on January 21, 2020 – Photo: Rachel Murray/Getty

After the success of This Smells Like My Vagina, the candle for Goop that sold out in a matter of hours, why not replicate with a new product that this time goes even deeper in the intensity of the scent?

During an interview on The Tonight Show, Gwyneth Paltrow revealed that she’s once again teamed up with Heretic, the fragrance brand behind the original provocative scent, to create This Smells Like My Orgasm. “Actually,” she told Fallon, this candle, “might be more for you to give to your wife.”

This Smells Like My Orgasm candle – Heretic for Goop

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