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Light Spectrum

“The everyday is a bad company. It is necessary the spark of happiness and color in its simplest form, to see people happy without a smile, both children questioning themselves and old people tired of it. That’s the most gratifying thing that has happened to me.”

Jesús Camarena, aka Xomatok, is a Peruvian visual artist and art director who has spent several years working with a modern aesthetic that explores the intervention of urban spaces through color in the most striking way possible, with prisms that extend almost beyond our sight.

His murals are inspired by the design and alteration of urban spaces with a clear emphasis on how his color palette completely changes our point of view of the place where it is. To Jesús, this manifestation of color and its relationship with daily human experience is what moves him when he carries out his work.

Purificación – Lima, Perú (2018)
Purificación – Lima, Perú (2018)
Serpiente de Luz – Lima, Perú (2016)
Serpiente de Luz – Lima, Perú (2016)
Luz del Sur (2018)
Espectro de Luz Maxin (2018)
Espectro de Luz Maxin (2018)
Ritmos Aleatorios – Lima, Perù (2018)
Neon Dominik Logo/Cover Art
Desktop (2016)
Oscilación (2017)
Conexo (2018)

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