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Just Woke Up


This is probably one of the most significant proofs of how our mind can reach the highest levels of creativity when it is just woke up. And also of how sitting on a toilet can become an important source of inspiration. Fabio Messana, Milan-based Fashion Editor, is the author of the Just Woke Up Project, a collection of almost psychotic photo sets insofar as precision in color coordinating goes, as well as the positioning of objects. In fact, it’s nothing but a reflection of Fabio’s current personal taste in photography and thus of an underlying spontaneity.

“It is almost like an industrial production: same angle with different contents. I’d define them as snapshots of moments in which I am always the eye, the observing filter, even if there is a different mood every time. The constant is this: my point of view, at once conceptual and photographic.”

J’adore Dior
Miu Miu
Stella McCartney
Clockwise from top: Tabagism is the Answer, Banana Feet, Good Morning Pretty Birds, Christmas is not Funny
Fabio at his Place

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  1. Fabio sitting on a toilet, can’t have connotations with “Indian Gods” just because it might look attractive to you. The very 1st image ‘Rich/Kitsch’ has a message Shri Ganeshay Namah. Ganesh is a Hindu God we worship. The angle taken is stepping on a visual of Ganesh (God). It’s similar to stepping on Jesus or any God you believe in, whereby hurting people’s sentiments. Highest levels of creativity – Just woke up series will only leave your Indian designer followers angry and loose respect for your work. I request you to look into this and remove the 1st image from the series. It’s very important to look into what different cultures and meanings before you make it a part of a series. Thank you!


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