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From the Rust

The Rust of the Orangutan

“How did you feel?” It’s the most common question Thierry Gall, a sculptor based in Cabrières-d’Aigues, in the Vaucluse, at the foot of the Luberon, France, has been asked since 2008 — as an educator, there was nothing to suggest that one day he would start to assemble, weld, grind to create. His father was a crop manager on a farm dependent on INRA and his childhood was rocked by this agricultural environment, tinged with rust and metal smell. Recovering, creating and diverting has become his playground.

Thierry uses parts from agricultural tools and industrial environments. He assembles various pieces, according to his discoveries and inspirations. He also creates large format pieces that often want to be figurative.

Don Quixote
The Guy who’s Under Pressure
Peking Duck
Don Quixote
Thierry and the Orangutan

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