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Boiling Frog

The point is very simple, “the people that run the world don’t look like healthy guys, and they don’t care about us.”

Timothy Shieff, originally from Derbyshire, England, walked through central London — from Bond Street to Buckingham Palace, passing through Oxford Circus, Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square — in nothing but a face mask covering his modesty, in his personal protest against coronavirus restrictions. He was only stopped by police once, in Westminster, where they simply asked him if he had clothes in his bag that he could change into later.

Timothy, who runs an online rope-based fitness site, said he did not trust the Government’s scientific advice around coronavirus because it frequently changes: “Science is just theories, it’s all unfinished and hypothetical. It’s always playing catch-up. In 20 years’ time they’ll have a different theory on it. It’s all disconnected from nature’s simple laws. One minute the mask doesn’t do anything, and the next minute it does,” he said.

Timothy criticised Government leaders who, according to him, were not well qualified to make decisions on public health. He described lockdown as “Orwellian” and likened measures clamping down on personal freedoms as like a frog in a slowly-boiling pot of water. “It’s getting a bit too hot and I’m stepping out of the pot. They add social distancing, they put us under house arrest. For what? Healthy people don’t quarantine, it’s house arrest. They are trying to get me to give up my free will and way of living.”

“There’s no pandemic, there’s no people dying in the streets, it’s just about control. We are being divided and fear is being used as a tool against us. I think people are missing the symbolism of what’s going on here. I’m not going to be muzzled for other people’s lack of awareness.”

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