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Earth Movement

Underwater Movement – Photo: Elena Kalis

The physical flexibility required to perform a contortion act greatly exceeds that of the general population. It is a dramatic feat of seemingly inhuman flexibility. Irina Kazakova backed up with a long history in rhythmic gymnastics and contortion on Russia’s national team. This has given her a unique view of aesthetics and body shapes. By being a certified free and scuba diver for years, she was also able to provide an outstanding underwater modeling performance which rewarded her with having a certain awareness of the lines and curves of the body and how to express emotions in a silent environment.

Born and raised in Russia, today Irina is pursuing her creative expression through different mediums such as photography. She has managed to visit many exciting, exotic places where she performed and enjoyed life and nature. She can often be seen in the company of mantas, sharks, whales, dolphins and many different sea animals.

Flying High – Photo: Kyer Wiltshire
Burning Man 2019
Burning Man 2018
Life Comes from the Earth and Life Returns to the Earth – Photo: Tessa Skiles
Underwater Movement
Burning Man 2018 – Photo: Henry Wu

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