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Jump Station

Indifference and immovability are at the center of Nicola Pucci’s work. The motif of the athlete, the impetus of their speed, are almost an instrument of investigation — but not on motion. When he inserts — according to a sublime poetics of interference — the moving figure of a sportsman in his paintings, he just seems to highlight the disconcerting stillness that surrounds him. A look that leads us to reflect on a historical period in which the daily dynamism almost ends up resembling its corresponding stasis. A time where a tackle or a final sprint represent a desperate desire to fully experience the strangeness of our present.

Born in 1966, in Palermo, Italy, after completing school, Pucci attended a four year course in Advertising Illustration at the European Institute of Design in Rome. After a period spent in the region of Bolzano, drawing the exercise book covers for the famous italian company Pigna, he moved to Rome in order to devote himself to painting. From 1995, his art works have been constantly exhibited in Italy, UK and US. Over the years, his style has caught the attention of personalities from the art world such as the gallery owner Larry Gagosian and the art critics Carlo Bilotti and Philippe Daverio, who have become passionate supporters and collectors of his creations.

Cyclist with Mirror
Tackle in the Waiting Room
Boxer with Rooster
Woman with Dog and Sea
Bicycle Kick
Corrida 2

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