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Also known as Monaris, Paola Franqui is a Puerto Rican born street photographer living outside of New York City specializing in visual storytelling. She has her BA in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University and has over 5 years of experience working with brands. What started as a hobby grew to become Paola’s passion, and it has changed her life in ways she never could have imagined.

While her degree in sociology and criminal justice suggests a long-standing fascination with people, she started photographing anything and everything that inspired her, with just an iPhone. She worked this way for nearly three years, before picking up a dedicated camera and photography tips using YouTube videos.

Paola is always trying to push boundaries within herself by mastering timing and refining her ability to observe and record those decisive moments in time. She is a reader of people and fascinated by human behavior. She is constantly influenced by her surroundings. Always curious, and wondering what the people she captures are experiencing, what emotions they are going through, and tries to share their stories. A snapshot of a passing moment that will never happen again. One of her best known and most fascinating series is entitled Reflection Stories.

“When I started taking photos of humans, of people, I got to a point where I can honestly say that it was street photography that made me fall in love with photography,” she told Digital Trends. “There was something about human emotions, human interactions, and life — everyday moments that people are so used to ignoring that they don’t notice it.”

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