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When we laughed about tourism

There was a time, not so long ago, when we used to travel and visit new places, and then tell them to those who remained — perhaps anxiously awaiting our return. Nobody thought that slowly we would begin to enjoy those trips less and less, to the point of even being terrified of them.

Everything happened so quickly, but until a year ago tourism still represented an opportunity to capture something new and, perhaps, a starting point to laugh, as on the occasion of the 3rd International Cartoon Competition Beavers Laugh 2019, organized by Bobritsa village community, Ukraine, on the theme of Tourism.

Viktor Holub (First Prize)
Mojmir Mihatov (Second Prize)
René Bouschet (Third Prize)
Mileta Miloradovic
Abdul Arif
Boutabba Bilel
Farouk Mousa
Alexander Doubovsky
Oleg Gutsol
Severin Šikanja

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